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Diploma course in MSK sonography

We welcome all certified medical professionals with an interested in learning the breath taking possibilities with MSK ultrasonography for diagnosis in a clinical everyday context.
The specific purpose of the course is to give you a broad base with profound knowledge to use ultrasound for diagnosis in MSK indications.
The course will lead to a Diploma in MSK Ultrasonography.

The course program is divided into 6 courses where each part consists of 2 days that are filled with theory but above all practical handling under the guidance of experienced teachers. There will be patient cases with real patients, but most of the practice will be performed on yourself and your classmates. This provides a really good opportunity for feedback between participants. The number of participants is never more than 3 per machine and you are welcome no matter what machine you have at your clinic.

The course is divided into:

  • Basic course

  • Advanced course elbow & hand

  • Advanced course foot & ankle

  • Advanced course knees, thighs & hips

  • Graduation course: exams, seminar & case discussions

In the in-depth steps, you will be given a homework assignment where you will start collecting patient cases. At the time of the exam, we will discuss the cases in groups together with some other homework. After completing the theoretical and practical test, a diploma in musculoskeletal ultrasound diagnostics will be awarded.

After completing the degree course, a certificate is issued to you who are an ST doctor that the course meets the National Board of Health and Welfare's requirements for special parts.

The course is developed in collaboration with a specialist in each area (radiologist, orthopedist, general practitioner, emergency physician).

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